Saturday, March 31, 2012

Project Management Training in Australia

Are you a new project manager?  Are you looking for some project management training that will provide you with ....
  1. Understanding of the project manager's role
  2. Techniques to help you more clearly scope out project outcomes with stakeholders
  3. Proven tools to help you with project scheduling
  4. An ability to develop project milestones for tracking purposes
  5. A clear understanding of how to generate a task list with estimated time-lines
One such short training program that is available for in-company delivery is Project Management Course Melbourne The course offers the fundamental tools, models and concepts needed by anyone who may be new to project management
  • MS Project 2010 Training
If you're looking for a one or two day training course that will show you how to use Microsoft Project, then then have a look at MS Project Training   This short course can be conducted in-house for your organisation throughout Australia - in Melbourne, Sydnet, Canberra, Adelaide or Brisbane

If you are looking for an accredited project management course at either Certificate IV or Diploma level, have a look at our post Accredited Project Management courses