Sunday, April 8, 2012

New Project Manager - Tips for building effective project teams

So, you're bringing a group of people together to work on your project. And now perhaps you're wondering how do you go about building them into a co-operative and cohesive team?

The following short video clip offers some important points for you to consider. And the first one is the need for you to set the right example to the team. As their leader, your project team needs to see that you display the same energy, enthusiasm and positive demeanour that you expect of them.

If you've taken the time to select the right people for your project team, then you need to be able to trust them to make some decisions themselves. If they are capable with the tasks that have been allocated to them, and they have a clear understanding of what is expected of them and the wider context within which their work must fit, then provide them with the freedom and empowerment to get on with their job. In other words, don't be always breathing over their shoulder to check on where they are up to.

By all means, yes you are required to monitor the progress of their work and review that quality standards are being maintained  - but let go of the details so your team can get on with it. And try to find some fun ways to celebrate when your team has successfully met project milestones.

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In the following short video clip, there are some good ideas offered around building effective project teams ....... See what you think

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